Embracing your menstruation



On the rag, on the blob, a visit from the Scarlet Lady … Whatever you want to call it, it’s something that for us women, is a part of our lives, however big or small. For me, it’s a big part of my life, from the age of thirteen for one week every month I suffer, TREMENDOUSLY. This suffering can take many different forms from excruciating back pain, to migraines that leave me temporarily blind and in extreme cases hospitalisation.176785092

Over the years I’ve seen several different doctors and specialists, have undergone all sorts of tests and examinations and well … it seems there is nothing wrong.┬áMy horrendous menstruation is just the way I am and the suffering that I experience is a part of me.

Acceptance, not resistance

I came to the realisation that this was going to happen to my body every month regardless of whether I was ready for it or not. I’m a woman and this is what our bodies do, sure I drew the short straw and ended up with a particularly nasty menstrual cycle but that was just the way I was built.

So … after fifteen years of resisting the pain and enduring the suffering in silence, I have decided to give up the fight and stop putting on a brave face and pretending everything is OK, I’ve decided to embrace my menstruation and Get to Know Aunt Flo!

So this is what my little blog is all awoman-holding-hot-water-bottle-feb-13-p88bout, embracing your period and finding ways to live with it – Let if Flow! It’s not very glamorous and it’s definitely not sexy, but it’s a huge part of my life and it’s something that all of us experience. By blogging about all the experiences I’ve had and sharing the advice and tips I’ve been given along the way I hope I can inspire other women to listen to their bodies and embrace menstrual mindfulness.

Em x