Why this ‘Always’ ad has me seeing red!

Sprawled out on the sofa during a particularly traumatic visit from Aunt Flo, this Always ad popped up in the break between some appallingly trashy ITV reality TV dating show and an equally appalling home make over show. If I wasn’t already feeling like a hideous, bloated mess, I was by the time the end of the ad.

Seeing Phoebe D’Abo bounce around in the DJ booth, in her little white hot pants made me see red. I’m very happy that Phoebe’s monthly visits don’t interrupt her busy schedule but  I don’t think that Phoebe or more importantly Always understand the message they are delivering through adverts like these.

If that were me, caught in the height of my menstruation, I would be doubled over in pain, desperately searching for somewhere to deal with the bloody stain that was seeping through my shorts.

Although it may be realistic for many women to carry on with their daily routine during their time of the month, for many, including myself it isn’t. My periods are debilitating, there is no way I could strut out to the DJ booth in my barely there hot pants and put on the performance of my life. I can’t get out of bed on the first day of my period, let alone get dressed, make breakfast and commute to the office. Its just not a possibility.

I like many other women out there have to write off the day. And what makes me feel so angry and let down by this advert is that it makes me feel guilty for doing so. It makes me feel like I should be able to put on my teeny tiny, magical panty liner leap out of bed and seize the day. But, that is just NOT going to happen. And all the while companies like Always (who are meant to have our best interests at heart) are pumping out the ‘Keep Calm and Have your Period’ message, then attitudes won’t change. And as a result calling in for a menstrual ‘sick day’ is just never going to become an acceptable norm.

Its not just about the risk of a leak, that’s the least of our problems.Sometimes a period does ‘get in the way’! And sometimes we can’t ‘defy expectations’. And it’s about time that message was heard!

Em x


For the full ad in it’s demoralising glory follow Always ad


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