Dear Body, This year I promise to listen to you


This New Year I’ve promised myself that first and foremost I will listen to my body.

I will embrace my menstruation fully and accept that it will get in the way, without exception. I will be transparent when I talk to people about why I can’t join in and I wont be ashamed of the pain that I suffer. I will do my best to bring conversations about menstrual health into everyday discourse and I will do what I can to help people understand the severity of some women’s experiences.mantra3

I won’t feel bad for not pushing myself to do more when I know that I can’t. I will get into good habits, like taking Evening Primrose Oil each morning and where I can, eat a diet that will ease the symptoms of my cycle. I will plan around my menstruation and I will never feel guilty about cancelling plans during my period.

This year I will listen to my body’s little warnings and I won’t try and push on through. I will be open about my monthly pain to everyone around me so that I am supported and cared for and spared the added stress of worrying about what other people will think. gI_0_LoveYourBodyNOW1.jpgEm x

For more on coping with your period through mindfulness, check out London Mindful





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