I’m having my period, whether you like it or not!

Over the last few months my menstrual cramps have been pretty damn horrendous. Month-on-month the pain has ramped up a notch and all the super-fun side effects that come with it have also been on top form.

So, even though Istomach-cramps_759‘m used to having a nasty-ass time once a month, things just felt a lot worse than normal so I decided a visit to my GP was in order.

I sat in the waiting room, and when my name was called I was glad to see that I had been assigned a female GP. I sat down and started to explain my symptoms and made it clear to her that things had been a lot worse recently.

She then went on to ask me some pretty personal questions like: Am I trying for a baby and if not then why aren’t I using contraception? I explained to her that I didn’t like the way I was on the pill, it made me moody and tired and often left me feeling pretty low. I felt more in control and much more myself without it.

She thought for a moment and then told me the best way to deal with my troublesome periods was to go back on the pill and take the packs back-to-back without taking a break, thus eliminating my period altogether and effectively putting my ovaries to sleep.

contraceptive-pill-gettyI honestly thought I was gong to burst into tears right there on the spot, I felt my eyes prick, took a deep breath and blinked away the tears.

Just because my periods are often agonizing and I frequently end up bed-bound because of them doesn’t mean I want to eradicate my menstruation altogether. I was so disappointed that, that was the best advice she had to offer. There was no mention of alternative methods, I know the NHS doesn’t like to recommend holistic health, but what about taking EPO or trying acupuncture? Both of which are widely regarded as having a positive effect on menstrual pain.


I don’t mean to lay into GPs because I know they have a tough time but I feel like menstrual pain just isn’t taken seriously, there isn’t enough information out there and the advice I was given was so thoughtless.

I want to know where I am with my body. So
I will take my heavy, painful periods and I will cope with them in the best way I can. I’ll let my body rest, eat well and rather than silencing my body I will listen to it.

Em x



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