There is nothing luxurious about tampons

On International Women’s Day the chancellor delivered the 2017 budget. This was surely the perfect moment to deliver a message to the women of the UK that this government cares about equality and the rights of women.

But no, the controversial ‘Tampon Tax’ wasn’t mentioned and we are resigned to yet another year of literally being penalised for our periods.


Sanitary products are taxed as luxury items, this means they are considered to be non-essential products that we buy out of choice, like bubble bath or nail varnish. However, I’m sure all women would agree that tampons are a 100% essential item and that to treat them as a luxury is absurd.  Without the use of these products women would not have the freedom to go to work, to drive a car, to leave the house with dignity and to go about their day hygienically.


Sanitary products are a medical necessity and should be treated as such. We don’t have the option to stop purchasing these products. Condoms and the Pill are, quite rightly, tax free. It’s time that our female prime minister sets aside ‘Brexit complications’, stops making excuses and pushes this amendment through.


Women have tried campaigning, protesting and more recently free-bleeding outside the House of Parliament, what will it take to finally move out of the dark ages and scrap the bloody thing!



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